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Entwicklung und Förderung unserer Beschäftigten

Development and promotion of our employees

Personnel development

We understand personnel development to mean all measures necessary for the systematic promotion of our employees in the following areas:

  • Professional skills
  • Methodical expertise
  • Social competence
  • Personal competence

Personnel development is an ongoing process and not a one-off or short-term task which is completed and then considered finished. For us, personnel development means strategically oriented and integrated development of skills.

  • Attract, train and commit highly motivated individuals in the long-term
  • Promote employee potential
  • Offer individual development and career opportunities
  • Make personnel deployment more flexible through systematic successor planning
  • Guarantee all employees life-long learning
  • Increase the motivation and satisfaction at the workplace of our employees

Further Training

In an annual orientation meeting, you will also discuss with your management executives - in addition to their main tasks and performance contributions – the activities for your further development.

Seminars on communication, management methods, presentation techniques, etc. will support you in your responsible functions. Participation in project and working groups also serve as further development.

Project Management Programme

Our junior executives participate in a project management programme. They work in a project group on an interesting topic and report their findings and suggestions back to the management team. During this programme, they take part in a series of seminars on project management, presentation techniques and working methods.

Your contact partner

The personnel and career topics at the SGS are managed and coordinated by

Mr. Sieber
Bürgermeister-Grünzweig-Str. 1
67059 Ludwigshafen
Tel. +49 (0) 621/501-318


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