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Compliance + Nachhaltigkeit

Compliance + Sustainability

Saint-Gobain has participated in the Global Compact project since July 2003. The pact which originated following an idea of the General Secretary of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, in July 2000 is an international initiative, which companies, non-governmental organisations and civil institutions have joined. In this way, they have committed themselves to observe ten basic principles from the areas of human rights, occupational jurisdiction, environmental law and the fight against corruption. On the basis of this international network, a contribution should be made together with the development of a humane and sustainable economy. With its participation, Saint-Gobain has committed itself to integrate the ten principles into its strategy and operations.

The mutual values of the Saint-Gobain Group were used to formulate the Principles of Conduct and Action in 2003.When transferred to purchasing, specific initiatives - “Compliance” and “Responsible Purchasing” - arose from these Principles of Conduct and Action.

Compliance + Nachhaltigkeit



The compliance culture of the Saint-Gobain Group has been the subject of a specific program since 2009, which supports the effective adherence to the Principles of Conduct and Actionas well as the obligations which result from them – in all activities of the corporate Group worldwide.The compliance program has been extended regularly since its introduction and currently concentrates on the following main topics:

  • responsible development
  • compliance with rules on competition
  • corruption prevention
  • compliance with economic sanctions and embargoes

Responsible Purchasing – Sustainability in purchasing

As part of the initiative “Responsible Purchasing” which was initiated by the Saint-Gobain Group, the observance of economical, social and ecological requirements for sustainable development is a fixed component of the purchasing activities. The considerate interaction with the environment and observance of health and occupational safety requirements are an essential part of the Principles of Conduct and Actionof the Saint-Gobain Group. You will find examples of these principles in the REACH clause in the download center as well as in our Timber und Water Policy.


Supplier Charters

Supplier Contributions

As a world market leader for the design of sustainable habitats, Saint-Gobain sees itself as particularly committed to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Our suppliers are important building blocks for satisfying this task. For this reason, the process of supplier selection and supplier development is integrated into our purchasing strategy. We invite our suppliers to participate in this process within their sphere of influence. Our supplier charter serves the first step in this respect. This charter is the basis for all cooperation with Saint-Gobain and is a fixed part of all agreements.

In particular, purchasing decisions for strategically important products and services as well as supplier selections are safeguarded by the use of risk management. For this purpose, suppliers are required to have an independent CSR assessment carried out. Saint-Gobain works mainly together with EcoVadis in this respect; however, certificates of comparable organisations can also be accepted. The result of the CSR assessment allows the purchasers to bear in mind these aspects in addition to the supplier portfolio when making the decision to award the contract and to develop an action plan together with the supplier in the case of existing risks.

In addition to the CSR assessment, a social audit may be carried out by an independent organisation. In so doing, the ACTUAL activities of a supplier are audited for the observance of quality and safety requirements as well as social, environmentally relevant and ethical norms.

Supplier Platform R-NET

In order to create transparency within the Saint-Gobain Group, but also for our customers and suppliers, all purchasers and suppliers have access to R-Net, a Saint-Gobain internal platform, which has all data and results of existing suppliers on file with regard to sustainability. Suppliers have the option to validate the supplier charter of Saint-Gobain, to verify the results of the CSR assessment, to upload own documents and to inform themselves extensively about the Saint-Gobain guidelines concerning sustainability.

Purchasers can inform themselves in the R-Net about all suppliers within the Saint-Gobain Group and hence take into consideration the commitment of the supplier to sustainability when selecting a supplier.

Lieferantenplattform R-NET

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