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Construction Products GmbH
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Purchasing Categories

All our purchasing categories at a glance!

Investments & services

General mechanical and plant engineering (e.g., packaging machines, transport systems)
civil engineering and roads construction
structural engineering
process measuring and control technology
electrical engineering
silo technology
steel and metal construction
repair and maintenance of glass furnaces
maintenance and repair work
industrial cleaning
engineering and architectural services (e.g. construcion, planning)

Indirect purchasing

Waste disposal/ recycling services
facility cleaning
temporary employment
marketing services (e.g.: printed materials; agencies; trade fair construction; promotional and give-away items)
management of quarries (e.g.: services of mine filling material)
MRO, maintenance of telecommunications systems, software (standard licenses & individual solutions)
Consulting services

Raw materials

mineral raw materials (e.g. bauxite, dolomite, iron ore, gypsum, lime, phonolite, sand, soda, cement)

additives and chemical raw materials (e.g. dispersants, defoamers, glucose, resins, hydrophobing agents, phosphates, thickeners, condensers)

lamination (e.g. aluminium foils, lead plates, wire mesh, glass fabric, composite foils)

secondary raw materials (e.g. waste paper, broken glass)


drywall and interior solutions
façade and wall systems
technical mortars and systems for building protection
tiling and flooring systems


Outbound and incoming freight

Logistics services (amongst other things, loading activities)


plastic pails/canisters

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